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How to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready for Summer

How to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready for Summer

With spring right around the corner, most people are going to be looking to reopen their pools. Taking that cover off for the first time can reveal your pool needs some serious work! That is, to make sure it’s up to your cleanliness standard. Making sure that you check the water level frequently and making sure it’s sanitized will aid you in keeping your pool as clear as possible. But here are a few other tips to have your pool ready for spring!

  1. Check Your Filter: Always keep your filter clean and properly maintained. Read up on your filter especially because each filter is different with different cleaning standards. In fact if you clean your filter too often you can negatively affect the filtering. So make sure to know how often your filter needs to be spruced up.
  2. Bits and Pieces: Your pool could potentially be covered in bits and pieces, like leaves or anything else. All of this can be taken out using a hose or a brush. But if you have dirt at the bottom that seems to be really stubborn, this can be taken off using a hard brush and special cleaners. Making sure you remove the dirt can also avoid any mold or weird odor in the future. While your at it, make sure you tidy up all around the swimming pool as well.
  3. Water Levels: Loosing water is inevitable. Every time you splash, leave the pool, or just by swimming you can loose water little by little. You can even loose water from evaporation. Water levels are just another thing you must check regularly when your maintenance is being done.

Just like every filter, every swimming pool is a little different. However as long as you find a maintenance routine that works for you and you regularly keep up with it, your pool will always be ready for spring!