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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Some people are wired to call a swimming pool maintenance company as soon as something goes wrong with their pool. Others like to get their hands dirty! If you enjoy fixing things yourself, and maybe saving the money it takes to have someone else do it, here are a few quick fixes to common pool problems:

Here are some Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Murky Water: This is when your pool begins to look a lake, or the deep parts of the ocean where you can’t see down to your feet! This happens when pH levels are not maintained. So all that’s needed here is a quick pH level test, and bring that number back where it should be.

Algae: A very common problem for us pool owners. This is when we start to have a little green tint to our pool water. Shocking your pool can get rid of the algae that has taken over your pool, and algaecides can prevent it from happening again!

Backed Up Filters: When you notice an excessive amount of leaves and other debris in your pool you might want to check your filter. If the filter is clogged it doesn’t mean its broken, it just means your pool was very dirty and filter was doing it’s job a little too well. All you have to do is backwash your filter according to it’s own maintenance schedule.

Chocolate Brown: If your pool seems to be a brown color (or even a teal color) this can reveal that there are too many minerals in your pool. Excessive iron is the root cause of brown water and excessive copper is the root cause of the teal water. Copper is also known to turn blonde hair green! To prevent this, just purchase the appropriate chemicals needed to remove the minerals from the water. (Chemicals can fix almost any problem, did we mention being a pool owner is basically being a chemist?)

Ugly Stains: When you start to notice stains around the bottoms or walls of your pool, we also blame those pesky minerals. We recommend testing the water using a sock. (Yes, I said a sock) First, but some pH reducer in the sock of your choice, and rub it on the stain. If the results aren’t successful try again, but with a chlorine stick inside the sock. The results of this test, must be taken to the professionals. Stains can be permanent and they’ll have to get this problem fixed for you.

White Suds: This is your pool producing more foam than you know what to do with! This can be a sign that the algaecide your using, isn’t a good one. You might want to change to a different one, and while you’re at it get an anti-foam agent to clear that problem up.

It is very important to maintain a Swimming Pool Maintenance tips schedule to ensure clean and safe swimming water. Considering hiring a professional? Give us a call at 430-300-8180.