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Pool Cleaning Tips North Scottsdale

When summer finally rolls around, you’re ready to go outside and jump in a beautiful, clear, blue pool! But if you haven’t read our maintenance and pool cleaning tips yet, your pool might not be so beautiful. Now it’s time to cover cloudy pools; why they get cloudy and how to stop it!

Cloudy pool water is a result of three main things: bad filtering, wrong amount of chemicals, and poor circulation.

  1. Chemicals: When you don’t have proper knowledge of pool chemicals and how to use them, you cannot only endanger yourself but also cause green and cloudy water. You always want to keep up with testing things like pH, free chlorine, and total alkalinity. pH doesn’t directly affect the cloudiness of the water but the wrong balance messes with the free chlorine, which does affect cloudy water. When free chlorine levels drop, it turns water cloudy, and begins to be useless in killing bacteria and algae. Finding the right testing methods and testing schedule that is best for you and your pool, will keep your pool clear and blue!
  2. Circulation and Filtering: If your pool is not circulating or filtering correctly, your pool water will get cloudy. Your pool filter should always, always be running. If your pool doesn’t get too many swimmers than 8 to 10 hours a day is acceptable. Naturally, if the filter isn’t on then dirt and other debris will be left in the pool causing it to get green or cloudy. Also make sure to backwash your filter regularly

Your surrounding environment will always lend a hand in making your pool appear cloudy. Anything that blocks sunlight, like trees or buildings, can make it seem cloudy. Running a net through your pool to get out any leaves or small particles will also help. Lastly, algae is a culprit. But by following your testing and maintenance schedules, algae shouldn’t dare threaten your pool!