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Green Pool Water Scottsdale Pool Service

Green Pool Water Scottsdale Pool Service

Green Pool Water? Yuck! Read these step-by-step instructions on how to clear up your pool and keep it from happening again!


1. Can you even fix Green Pool Water?

The first step is too determine if the pool is too far gone. If your pool is so green that it’s appearing black, you need to take a different route. In these cases you can drain your pool and have it acid washed. Most people don’t want to have to do this because of the potential cost, however it is less time consuming. When taking a look at your pool to determine if you’ll drain it or treat it chemically, you want to check if you can see at least 6 to 8 inches below the surface of the water. If you can, then the problem can most likely be treated chemically.


2. What’s your pH balance?

pH is really the only thing to worry about testing at this point. The green color in the pool, tells you that there is barely any chlorine in it, so you don’t need to test that. The pH affects the cloudiness of the pool. You will later shock your pool and that will cause cloudy water as well, so you want a low pH so you don’t make the pool exceedingly cloudy. To test the pH you can use high-end or cheap test strips and they’ll give you the pH number. If it’s too high you want to add a gallon of muriatic acid, after you shock your pool make sure to test the pH again.

3. Shock treatment

The next step is the shock treatment. Use five pounds of granular shock, or 10 gallons of liquid chlorine. Keep your filter pump on, while you evenly distribute the chlorine over the surface of the water. After this you can add an algaecide of your choice, but after a few hours of circulation.

4. Brush and filter:

At this point that green color should finally be gone! But your work isn’t quite finished. Your pool will still be a little cloudy and it will need some serious brushing and filtration. After 24 hours of circulation, backwash your filter.

5. Maintenance:

  • Use water clarification solution.
  • Always make sure chlorine is in the pool. So make sure you have a dependable chlorinating system.
  • Clean your filter!

Filter Tips:

  • Diatomaceous Earth Filter: backwash once a month
  • Sand Filters: Backwash every two weeks.
  • Cartridge Filters: Backwash every three to four weeks.