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10 Common Pool Issues Scottsdale Pool Maintenance

What kind of common pool issues can you run into with in-ground swimming pools? Here’s a list of our top ten problems and some maintenance tips.

1. Swimmer Safety: 

Drowning is a serious threat, but it of course can be prevented. Always make sure you and your family are safe by never swimming alone!

2. Leak in the pool’s plumbing: 

Without the proper maintenance, leaks in plumbing can cause great damage to your property, and of course cost you a lot of money. With any type of leaks you will be wasting chemicals to keep the pH balanced.

3. Leaks in your pool’s structure: 

Any leaks in the pool’s structure will make it impossible to maintain the pool’s pH balance, this can again cause increased water usage, and cost you more in chemicals.

4. pH Balance: 

Regularly checking your pool’s pH balance is very important. We recommend checking this on a weekly basis, otherwise you could be faced with increased growth of algae in the pool. It will also affect the chlorine potency, and surface corrosion.

5. Pump: 

Many different problems can occur with the pump and have different affects on your pool. If the pump begins to pull air into it’s system, the pump could lose power to move the water. Even if the pump is working, it could for some reason not move the water. In this case the water is not getting filtered properly and this can cause your pump to overheat.

6. Proper Filtration: 

With a working pump, your water should be flowing perfectly through your filter. You only have to make sure you maintain and clean the filter regularly. Cleaning the filter, of course improves the flow through the filter. Now, how frequently you clean the filter is decided upon the type of filter your pool has.

7. Pool Deck: 

Another serious threat to safety is any cracks or chipping in your pool deck. A problem like this can suggest, and lead to bigger problems such as sink holes and ground shifting.

8. Winterizing:

Winterizing will get your pool ready to adapt to the cold weather, obviously only a problem when living in colder climate areas. It will help your pool stay clean and be ready for the summer season.

9. Water Table:

Keeping the water level in your pool steady helps the pool from “floating up”. The water level can affect the pool’s construction and like winterizing, can affect how it responds to changing climates. If you let your water level get too high, thats when the “floating” becomes an issue. You can have a hydrostatic valve installed to help with the balance of the water level.

10. Heating Pool Water: 

The temperature of your pool can be influenced by any outside factor. The surrounding climate, the time of day, if there is any shade covering the pool, and the size of your pool.

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