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Clearing Cloudy Pools Scottsdale Weekly Affordable Pool Service

Clearing Cloudy Pools Scottsdale Pool Service

We’ve discussed how to clear a cloudy pool before, and touched upon the 3 main reasons why your pool could become cloudy.

To refresh your memory those reasons were: The environment, your pool filter, and incorrect chemical levels.

Now, here are three new ways to clear your cloudy pool!

  1. Pool clarifiers.
    • This should be done weekly, pool clarifiers join forces for one main goal; to gather up any and all particles that could be making your pool cloudy and make it easier for your filter to filter it all out of there.
  2. Pool Flocculants.
    • These are “quick fixes” and are used to get you pool clear when you’re in a hurry. It will get your pool clear overnight, but it is very time consuming and can be difficult. Unlike the clarifiers, it help the particles group together and collect at the bottom of your pool. Then (where the hard work comes in) you’ll have to manually vacuum up the cloud of particles. While doing this you will lose some of the water in your pool; so make sure there is a hose running while you vacuum. Lastly, automatic pool cleaners won’t work. You must use a manual vacuum, even though this is a lot of work you’re pool will be clear within 24 hours.
  3. Filtering.
    • The skimmer at the top of your pool aids in collecting particles only the top of the pool.. not any particles that make your pool cloudy. Thats because these particles are at the bottom of your pool, but we can get those particles filtered in one of two ways. We can stir the pool like a cup of coffee to get all the sugar (or particles) moving around and sucked into the the filter. Or we can turn on the borrow drains. For in-ground pools this should be no problem, your pool should already have these drains. But if you have an above ground pool we have an easy fix for you as well. Hook up your manual vacuum cleaner, set it at the bottom of the pool right in the middle and turn it on. Except leave it upside down.

Along with these new tips and keeping up with your chemical levels, you can avoid cloudy pools and hopefully know exactly what to do if your pool does happen to get cloudy.