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10 pool maintenance tips

10 pool maintenance tips

Imagining a pool in your own backyard is known as a glamorous privilege. Pool owning daydreams consist of long relaxing weekends with the family by the pool, awesome pool parties, and catching up on work outside with a relaxing view and all while maintaining a perfect golden tan.

But with great dreams, comes a great responsibility that is often forgotten: pool maintenance. You can kiss all your pool party dreams goodbye, because without a suitable maintenance routine, no one is going to want to sit by your pool. Glamor can slowly fade away if your water begins to glow green, or if water filters are not properly managed.

No worries, here are 10 pool maintenance tips to keep your dreams close!

1. A basic part of pool owning is running a net through the surface of the water to get out any debris or leaves. This should be in your daily maintenance schedule for your pool. You can also purchase a robot vacuum that can clean the bottom of the pool for you. Then to prevent any algae taking over the pool, you must scrub the walls of the pool as well. But this doesn’t need to be done daily, just every so often.

2. Your pools filter is working day and night to remove and leaves, dirt, and other debris. Thats a lot of work for your filter, so of course it also must be washed. Try cleaning out your filter basket around once a week, Even though you don’t want to turn your filter off sometimes, don’t over do it because you can cause your filter to start breaking down on you. Let your filter run for about 6 hours a day.

3. Chemical levels are very important to pool maintenance because with one chemical unbalanced the color, clearness, and other important things could be affected. You should test your water about once a week, you need to test the pH level, the calcium hardness, the total alkalinity, and free chlorine. Testing is pretty simple just find the appropriate testing kits, and adjust the water as needed.

4. If you’re chemical bills are starting to become unmanageable, there are alternatives. For example baking soda. This can be used as a sodium bicarbonate which is what is used to control alkalinity. So instead of purchasing this expensive chemical you can use baking soda, which will get the job done and for a lower price.

5. If you begin to notice a certain cloudiness to your pool, don’t be afraid to shock treat it. This raises chlorine levels and kills bacteria. Shocking should be done at least twice every season,

6. Your water level will vary on a day to day basis. After heavy rains, with evaporation, and just with people getting in and out of the pool the water level can change. If your water level is too low simply use ah one to add water, and if its too high drain any excess water. When you’ve adjusted the water level make sure you check all your chemicals levels again.

7. Swimmers don’t just come to swim, they also come to leave all their waste behind in your pool. How nice of them! Things like suntan lotion, sweat, and makeup can be left behind in your pool. But a simple fix will be to throw a tennis ball in there and the fibers used to make the ball will automatically suck up and absorb all of those oils for you.

8. Keep your pool deck clean by, sweeping the dirt and leaves off, and power washing. You can rent a power washer, spray the deck repeatedly until its totally clean and free of debris.

9. You can’t always do everything by yourself! You can read as many articles as possible but sometimes there will be a problem you just can’t fix on your own. At least once a year you should have a professional come out and check things like, your pump, filters, and heating systems. Maybe take a look around the pool first so that you know of any concerns to pass along and hopefully get fixed.

10. Especially If you’re living in cold climates, you want to learn how to winterize. Don’t just put the cover over the pool and expect it to be perfect and ready after you’ve let it sit there all season. Test your water before you close up in the fall and clear any excess water out of your plumbing lines and keep the pool covered.